Brief History

The Daughters of Mary Immaculate International traces its beginnings to the religious organization known as Daughters of Isabela, which had its head office in New Haven, Connecticut. The first Philippine Circle (Unit), the Holy Rosary Circle No. 856, Manila, was formally organized on May 24, 1951. More circles were subsequently organized. The Philippine Daughters of Isabela existed for about three decades.


Latest News/Newsette

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2nd SMI Luzon Area Conference(The Sky is Blue in Fair Tagaytay) Approved Amendments to the DMI Rules and Regulations Purpose Goal of the Organization Resolutions MORALITY IN MEDIA TENDER CARE IN PRO-LIFE UPLIFTMENT OF WOMEN WORKERS SMI March SMI March MP3 DMI 18th Biennial Convention Iterinary and Letter 13th SMI National Biennial Convention - Memorandum Circular DMI 17th Biennial Convention Iterinary and Letter DMI Official Uniform DMI Red Book DMI Application For Charter DMI Petition To Organize A New Circle DMI Circle Report Form